Tendencies to Rebel to God

Tendencies to Rebel to God
tendencies to rebel to god tarık emre karagul



“All of the things in this essay are not political and spiritual.”

In the world, because of people’s souls’ mould, people generally tend to rebel their god. The word that we use “God” doesn’t mean just creature of world, it also means someone’s highbrow, savant or father and mother. So, this essay will explain how people rebel their gods and why they rebel.
First example of rebellion of people to the God is rebel to real god who is creature. People, while living in the world come across with lots of problems. Cause of they were taught like that, people try to be patient until they go nuts. After go nuts, people start to interrogate and carry a grudge against god. After all of these people remember their past and generally say that “In my past, I was thankful to God, but it didn’t take me what I want, also gave me lots of problems. Yet, right now, I am bigger than God”
Second example is rebellion to god who is highbrow, savant or father and mother. So, second example is about Trotsky and Stalin. As all of us know, communism was born in England, was improved and started to use in Russia (Actually, using system of Russia is not Communism, it can be called as “after-created brutal communism or just socialism). The first Revolution was made by Lenin, but his revolution was full of mistakes. Before forget, saying something against Government of Soviet was really hard. And one day, Trotsky came to the café where Lenin and their comrades conducting a meeting, and roar as a fearless and said everything that wrong in ruling of Soviet lands. Disconcertingly, Lenin just said “thanks” to him. Next day (c.), a rich person found ruin home of Trotsky and said him “I will make you a great man as Maxim Gorki.” Then, by using that men’s money, Trotsky built a reputation and constituted Red Army. Also, he educated Stalin. Yet, Stalin gained a power and reputation more than Trotsky and started to rule Soviet Union as if S.U. was his village, people couldn’t say something against him cause of their fear and recklessness of Stalin. Later on, Soviet People, Stalin and all of the communism world start to rebel to one of the biggest man that communism world has saw, Trotsky. And because of hate of Soviet people and Stalin, communism world killed their god.
Hereby, God does not only mean creature of world, means everything. People rebel to their gods because of feel bigger. Now, everyone will say “No, I don’t want to feel bigger.” Unfortunately, every people carry this feeling inside.


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